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A platform for developers to track and manage their mobile apps as they build, test, and deploy.

the challenge

Steer the ship. Define the vision that will lead to Vessel’s success, and carry it through to the product, brand, and the execution.

the approach

Developers don’t need a lot of hand holding – they need a single platform that cuts out the distraction of using multiple products to manage their apps, so they can focus on inventing and building.

the solution

A single command center for managing and tracking apps. I wrote copy for a marketing site to explain the product clearly and concisely. I also wrote a brand story that reflects the quirkiness as well as the focus and perseverance of developers, and a brand positioning to inform Vessel’s future marketing communications. Created a blog post and email communications to announce the new command center to existing customers.

the outcome

Vessel launched at Google I/O 2013. They received positive feedback at their booth in the Developer Sandbox, got written up in tech press, and have received positive feedback from existing customers about the new product.