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Engine is a non-profit organization whose mission is to create an environment that allows technology-based companies to grow, attract talent and remain innovative. It does this through influencing policy and educating people on issues important to the entrepreneurial community.

voice and tone

From its inception, I managed Engine’s messaging and developed a voice and tone for the organization that endeavored to make complex policy issues approachable, relatable, and actionable.

editorial management

Developed style guides and managed the editorial calendar and much of the writing for the Engine blog. Content included policy updates, issue based articles, campaign updates, solicited guest posts, and interviews.


Put together advocacy campaigns and other deliverables around issues, including a digital and print issue book for the 2012 nominating conventions, a call tool for immigration reform, and a data visualization of tech job growth in America.

video & documentation

Co-wrote and produced a video case study of Stop the Wall, Engine’s call tool campaign against copyright legislation SOPA/PIPA. Wrote and edited case studies and fundraising materials for the organization.