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A simple, beautiful, and interactive data visualization that shows policymakers and voters where high-tech jobs are growing across the United States.

the problem

There is a perception that high-tech centers are concentrated in places like Silicon Valley and New York City. Engine, in partnership with the Bay Area Council Economic Institute, needed to tell a different story — using over one million data points from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

the approach

To change perceptions, we wanted to tell a story that let users see both their expectations of where tech centers might be, and the reality that they are all across the country.

the solution

With an engineer, an economist, and a designer, I developed an interactive quiz with copy that both compelled the user through the flow and accurately represented complex economic data.


The data visualization was prominently displayed in the Google tent at both the 2012 Democratic and Republican Nominating Conventions, allowing policymakers and a politically engaged general public to interact with data that could influence their decisions in regard to policies that affect the high-tech sector.