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Solidified a brand story to help CloudPhysics competitively position their brand in the virtual IT space.

the challenge

CloudPhysics has a revolutionary product that has the potential to “map the cloud” by collecting data from virtual systems to increase intelligence and ultimately utilization from 16% to vastly higher. The possibilities are limitless, but to really harness them, they need Systems Administrators to use the product and begin to gather the data.

the approach

Reach out to this commonly ignored audience and lift them up to be at the helm of the revolution in cloud computing.

the solution

With a strategist, I wrote a brand positioning brief that explored the core unmet need of systems administrators, the competitive landscape in the virtualization space, and the ultimate goal of the product.


CloudPhysics has secured funding and press as they forge ahead with marketing position that places systems administrators at the helm of mapping the cloud. They recently launched an online community.