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A consumer and enterprise platform for cause-based charitable giving – making the experience of charitable giving transparent, rewarding, and fun.

the challenge

Giving should be a satisfying act, but in reality it is often high effort, low joy. The charitable giving space is bloated, and people have a vast array of organizations to sort through and individually vet before they can feel confident their money is going to make the difference they want to see.

the approach

Cause based charitable giving that is pre-vetted and feels personal to the giver; a fun and rewarding user experience.

the solution

I worked with a creative team to conceptualize and map out the experience of giving with Bright Funds. I developed a voice and tone for Bright Funds that felt fun and personal, and at the same time authoritative and trustworthy.

the outcome

Bright Funds’ user growth accelerated, and they received positive user feedback on the redesign. As well as consumer user acquisition, Bright Funds attracted their first enterprise customers.